Breaking News: Press Release from the World Chamber of Commerce


(Atlanta, GA.) January 2nd, 2012. The World Chamber of Commerce is honored to announce the candidates running for new WCC Chairman, President and Board of Director positions. The WCC elections will be held during the Annual Membership Meeting and Awards Event on February 2, 2012, 5 p.m., at the Woodruff Arts Center, where the new WCC leadership will be chosen.

The WCC Nominating Committee has selected the following individuals to be placed on the ballot for election by the membership:

The WCC Candidates are:

1. U.S. Ambassador Charles Shapiro, President Institute of the Americas
2. Consul Annabelle Malins, Consul General of the U.K.
3. Consul Roma Klicius, Consul of Lithuania
4. Charles Kuck, Attorney
5. Mayor Linda Blechinger, Mayor City of Auburn, GA.
6. Senator Gloria Butler, Senate
7. Senator John Albers, Senate
8. Senator Curt Thompson, Senate
9. William Pate, President Atlanta Convention Center and Visitors Bureau
10. Dr. Helene Gayle, President and CEO of CARE
11. Louis Miller, General Manager Atlanta Airport
12. Kathe Falls, GDEcD Director
13. Lucia Jennings, Executive Coke, Founder BACC
14. Josh Belinfante, Former State of Ga. Counsel
15. Caroline Taylor, Attorney
16. Axel Leblois, U.N. Fellow

This is an exciting time to become involved with the WCC. The WCC has emerged as an important presence in the local and international business community, stimulating global trade and fostering cultural and humanitarian initiatives. Businesses will become part of the organization’s influence by joining the WCC Membership. The WCC Members will cast a vote at the Annual Meeting, when the WCC will present the formal ballot during the Elections on February 2nd.

The growing global economy demands businesses expand beyond their borders by learning about new prospects and partners. The WCC’s main goal is to enhance business opportunities for its members to compete in a global economy, representing various enterprises throughout the world.

The World Chamber of Commerce’s Founder, Solange Warner, said: “The WCC is honored that such prominent candidates are running for the WCC Elections on February 2nd, at the Woodruff Arts Center. This is a monumental time for leaders and other members of the community to work jointly to enhance global business opportunity and cooperation among countries”.

Furthermore, the WCC’s role is to support and serve the community by developing international commerce and encourages foreign investment in Georgia, leading to more job opportunities, and accomplishing economic development. The role of the WCC board is effective leadership for the advancement of the local/international business community and enhancement of the performance of medium and small businesses.

For further information regarding the World Chamber of Commerce Elections and Event on February 2nd at 5 p.m., please contact: or contact 678-936-4605. WCC webpage our web site at: