Who should become a member of the World Chamber of Commerce?

World Chamber of Commerce members recognize the importance of taking advantage of a dynamic, global business community as a platform to establish international connections for their business expansion.

Why become a member of the World Chamber of Commerce?

  • Establish new connections in international business
  • Learn important U.S. Trade and competitiveness issues
  • Network at quality events, seminars and workshops
  • Meet influential people involved in international affairs

Membership Benefits

International Trade

By joining the World Chamber of Commerce, members benefit from participating in the trade process activities of international businesses.

This process stimulates international commerce for companies interested in doing business on a global basis.

Educational Projects

The World Chamber of Commerce builds international awareness for American and foreign business by fostering economic and cultural exchange as well as addressing humanitarian issues.

Members have access to mentor programs, networking and educational seminars.

International Networking

The World Chamber of Commerce provides networking opportunities and acts as a liaison between the United States and international business and organizations seeking to develop trade in markets around the world.

Members have many opportunities to meet with foreign representatives of the Consular Corps, International Trade Commissioners and Agencies, and visiting dignitaries.

Did you know?

Considering that trading on a global platform represents almost 30% of the U.S. economy, this is definitely a potential source of revenue for a wise business owner with the insight to take advantage of the World Chamber of Commerce.