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The World Chamber of Commerce International Cultural and Economic Symposium, introducing the Olympics in the U.K.

International Dignitaries, Economic and Cultural Leaders to discuss benefits and opportunities with Global Cultural, Economic and Humanitarian Initiatives, including Consul General of the U.K. discussing the Summer Olympics.

ATLANTA, GA - (May 19, 2012) - World Chamber of Commerce is proud to introduce its first International Cultural and Economic Symposium and Networking Event Series-2012, Leaders from around the globe will be discussing benefits and opportunities of Global Cultural, Economic and Humanitarian exchange, with such prestigious dignitaries as Dean of the Consular Corps of Georgia and Consul General of Germany, Dr. Lutz Gorgens, Consul General of the United Kingdom, Annabelle Malins, WCC Co-Chairman, Consul General, Pascal Le Deunff, and Consul of Lithuania, Roma Klicius, President of the WCC. The London 2012 Olympics will be one of the highlights discussed during the Symposium.

Companies and individuals interested in advancing their business to the next level of success through cultural, educational, and international economic opportunities should attend, as well as those who wish to network with leaders and experts in international cultural and economic exchange. This prestigious WCC event will take place on June 14, 2012, at The Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta , 75 14th Street Northeast Atlanta, GA 30309. Register soon, seating is limited.

According to Solange Warner, Founder of the World Chamber Of Commerce,
" The WCC International Cultural and Economic Symposium is an important opportunity to promote international dialogue with leaders and leverage introductions for a new global cultural and business platform"

This WCC event promotes the humanitarian campaign, "Human Trafficking Awareness to Keep Our Children Safe".

Furthermore, the WCC will be recognizing Consul General of France, Pascal Le Deunff, for the remarkable accomplishments with France-Atlanta for two consecutive years, along with other recognitions. Felipe Barral, CNN Senior Producer and Artist, will be the opening performance for the WCC Networking event after the Symposium.

Registration begins at 5:00 p.m.. The WCC Symposium will begin at 5:30 p.m., and at 6 p.m., the networking with International leaders, dignitaries and experts. Wine and appetizers will be served. Special valet parking rate for WCC Event attendees.