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Solange Warner


Solange Warner - Founder WCC

Solange Warner is the Chairman and Founder of the World Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, she is  President of the World CC Television Channel, broadcasting on Amazon Fire TV and Roku Networks. Moreover, Solange is the CEO of Ashton International Consulting Firm. 


Solange Warner founded the World Chamber of Commerce in February, 2008. She developed the organization from inception, establishing the entire organizational structure, including the Board of Directors. Important members of the community support the WCC as board members, including U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young; President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe; U.S. Ambassador Charles Shapiro; U.S. Ambassador Mark Lagoon, Ambassador of Germany, Lutz Gorgens, Ambassador of France, Philippe Ardanaz, among other Ambassadors, Consuls, Senators, Representatives of the House, and Mayors of Cities. 


Solange Warner has developed many initiatives benefiting businesses at a global level, including business and educational WCC Events at the Georgia Capitol, UPS Headquarters and others. Additionally, she has produced television shows on World CC Television, through Amazon and Roku television networks, with access to 80 million television viewers. Solange Warner has created additional initiatives for the World Chamber of Commerce including the WCC International Trade Seminar Series, where leaders and experts educate companies on how to penetrate foreign markets. The WCC Events Keynote speakers include President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe; U.N. Ambassador, Andrew Young; U.S. Ambassador Mark Lagoon; U.S. Ambassador Charles Shapiro; Ambassador of Israel, Reda Mansour; Senator Donzella James; Representative of the House, Pete Marin; Mayor of Auburn, Linda Blechinger, among many other dignitaries and leaders of the community.  The WCC Events average 400 attendees and are a very successful form of networking for businesses to interact with global leaders and develop excellent business connections as well. In addition, Solange Warner has organized initiatives for the WCC such as the World Chamber of Commerce Trade Mission to Saint Lucia. The purpose of the WCC Trade Mission was to create business exchange between St Lucia and U.S. businesses. Participants of the Mission were Ambassador of France, Philippe Ardanaz, Ambassador of Germany, Lutz Gorgens; Consul of Liechtenstein, Bruce Allen, among others. Solange Warner was able to obtain complimentary scholarships from a U.S. School for children in St. Lucia. 


Solange Warner has developed the World CC television channel, with film and television productions from several countries such as Latvia, China, Ecuador, Chile, Italy and others. Additional programming includes relevant social subjects, such as doctors discussing Covid 19 and health in general. Other programs and documentaries are dedicated to promote awareness in regards to human trafficking and how the community can become involved to stop this devastating crime in our society. 


Solange Warner created the humanitarian campaign, “Human Trafficking Awareness to Keep Our Children Safe” in 2009. Since then, she has organized WCC Events, in the Georgia Capitol, the Atlanta Airport, and other venues, to create awareness about Human Trafficking. Additionally, Solange has created television shows on Amazon Fire TV, Roku Network, Channel 25, and others, promoting awareness regarding  Human Trafficking as well. 


Solange Warner developed the humanitarian initiative “Haiti Relief Effort” sending two airplanes to Haiti with volunteers and humanitarian aid for the earthquake victims. Then, she developed the humanitarian initiative to aid Chilean Earthquake victims as well. The WCC donated funds to “Maria Ayuda”, Chilean organization assisting victims of the earthquake. 


Solange Warner is the CEO of Ashton International, a prominent firm that provides in-depth global consulting. The U.S. Department of Commerce awarded Ashton International for “Export Achievement, Associated with Accomplishments in the Global Market Place.” Solange Warner produces and hosts two television shows, “Global Matters with Solange Warner” and “Inspirational Heroes” to recognize remarkable leaders that inspire the community. Solange Warner has over 20 years experience in international markets, working previously as a senior manager for multinational accounts at America Express, managing Fortune 500 corporations. Solange Warner is fluent in three languages and has travelled to 56 countries.